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Community Building and Engagement

We believe in creating a sense of community and belonging. For this, we aim to:

  • Identify and begin to develop each individual's distinct talents and strengths.
  • Increase awareness and appreciation of the unique talents and strengths of others.
  • Cultivate a supportive community through facilitated conversations and respect.
  • Promote curiosity, appreciation and a deeper understanding and appreciation of our talents and differences.

Recognizing our own strengths help build our community!

Interested in learning about your talents and strengths? Reach out to or Purpose Center.


For information on available scholarships for talented and eligible students please contact:

Empowering Our Student Organizations and Professional Societies

Students organizations help students create connections, build relationships, and expand their skills outside the academic realm. The skills and connections gained through our students organizations translate in career success! Join Us!

Student Engagement and Leadership (SEL) is committed to providing student-centered activities, educational experiences and inclusive leadership development programs.

For more information on our student organizations and professional societies please visit: