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Engaging Students

The purpose of the Student Engagement Programs is to create enriching experiences for students’ personal and academic development in a vibrant and inclusive community and to foster a sense of belonging and integration within the Statler academic community and beyond.

Engagement and Belonging Student Committee

  • Purpose: Promote students’ integration within the campus community and beyond through service-learning and outreach programs.
  • Activities: Diversity seminars, cultural events, and inclusivity training sessions, volunteer projects, community service events, and partnerships with organizations and alumni.

Mentorship Programs

  • Purpose: Facilitate connections between students and successful alumni for professional network, academic and work-life balance guidance and support. Facilitate alumni support for preparing students for their future careers and post-graduation pursuits.
  • ​ Activities: Mentoring sessions (in person and virtual), group activities, and social events.

Learn about the Student Mentoring Program

Leadership Development

  • Purpose: Provide leadership development programs and training to help students develop essential leadership skills.​
  • Activities: Mentoring sessions, keynote lectures, trainings and group activities.


For information on available scholarships for talented and eligible students please contact: