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Engaging Staff

The purpose of the Staff Engagement Programs is to support and assist the staff members of the Statler Community by providing the resources that could enrich their integration and success, while fostering their values for the betterment of the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, West Virginia University and beyond.

Staff Engagement Series

The Staff Engagement Series features sessions and/or short workshops focused on important and timely topics for staff support and integration in Statler community. Sessions are open to all interested individuals; participating staff gain access to expert resources that support their career at West Virginia University.

Mentorship Programs

The informal mentoring programs in the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources is designed to include multiple aspects of academic life, as well as aspects related to balancing professional and family obligations. The programs are intended to freely address the needs of the participants as they advance through their careers and help create a sense of belonging, community and support network among faculty in the College.

Learn about the Faculty and Staff Mentoring Program

Leadership Development

Provide leadership development programs and training to help staff develop essential leadership skills.

Strengths’ Program: Leadership, professional and personal development opportunities in a safe space with a strengths coach. Opportunities for participants to come together to share challenges and to gain guidance and support.

Thriving Women Program

The Thriving Women Program was developed to empower female staff to further pursue their professional goals and to help them increase their potential and impact by contributing, instilling and/or implementing a narrative change and/or viable practices guided for creating the foundation for our University and College community to thrive.

Learn about the Thriving Women Program

Staff Council

The Council serves as the collective voice and advocates for the diverse needs and interests of our Statler staff members while fostering a collaborative work environment and thriving for enhancing Statler’s community footprint. The Council integrates and promotes community service and volunteering activities.

Meet Our Staff Council

Purpose Center

Interested in learning about your talents and strengths? The Purpose Center can help. The Purpose Center, the only one of its kind to exist on a college campus, serves as a place for connection and self-exploration. Connecting students with resources across campus to pursue the things they’re passionate about and creating a safe space for them to discover who they are and the impact they want to have on the world around them.

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