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Thriving Women Program

Thriving Women Program

The Thriving Women Program was developed to empower female faculty and staff to further develop their values and personal goals to become more engaged citizens of West Virginia University and the Statler College with a global and inclusive perspective for societal and community impacts and increase their potential and impact by contributing, instilling and/or implementing a narrative change and/or viable practices guided for creating the foundation for our University and College community to thrive.

Program is geared towards:

  1. Individual transformation aiming to advance individual career trajectory in the college by either enhancing professional development skills, supporting professional goals related to networking, creating a stronger presence in professional societies or research settings just to name a few.

  2. And/Or

  3. Community transformation aiming to create supportive community networks for College stakeholders to ultimately serve as a safe and welcoming environment.
Program is accepting applications; please submit your application by clicking here.

The Inaugural Thriving Women Program Recipients

Funded by dedicated alumna Dianne Anderson, the program offers support of up to $2,000 for two applicants over a one-year period. The College’s inaugural Thriving Women Program grants actively pursued are through the involvement of:

Xinyu Zhang, teaching assistant professor of fundamentals of engineering, intends to advance her career trajectory and knowledge of engineering education by obtaining her professional engineering license and engage in SWE activities as a University leader, as well as work with other faculty and SWE advisers for broader impact activities.

Leslie Hopkinson, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, plans to develop a new general education course that covers the history of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields to contribute to a positive and inclusive University community.