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Faculty Orientation Series

The Faculty Orientation Series (FOS) is a full-year training conducted in the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, in a face-to-face format. Successful completion of this training is required for all new faculty upon hire. The FOS is designed to engage the faculty in the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources community by helping them to understand University’s and College’s culture (i.e., history, mission, values, goals, and strategic vision), resources, research support, teaching support, infrastructure, key instructional policies, and best practices in assessment, just to name a few.

This orientation is a combination of theory and practice which will be gained through classroom discussions, completing activities, and by engaging in a group or 1:1 session with the facilitators.

As part of the onboarding experience of new faculty or part of the engagement of faculty in the College, follow-on sessions to socialize and meet campus administrators will also be included, as are events for participating faculty to share their work around teaching and scholarship successes.

The FOS program is also seen as a source that could offer many opportunities for faculty to continue building their networks and participate in personal and professional development activities, and in social events such as free coffee breaks where faculty members can relax and unwind with colleagues.

FOS Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the University and College community through history, mission, values, goals, and educational philosophy
  • Understand University’s and College’s current organizational and leadership structure and outline university policies, procedures, and administrative responsibilities
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of faculty as instructors, researchers and citizen of the West Virginia University and Statler Community
  • Understand the resources available for working with diverse students and offering diverse teaching, learning and research strategies
  • Understand the role of evaluation and assessment for successful student performance
  • Use organizational models, teaching methods and assessment techniques that are effective in meeting learning outcomes for a diverse student population
  • Identify techniques to effectively apply for grants and become a successful researcher at West Virginia University and in the Statler Community
  • Inform new faculty about campus services regarding research support and infrastructure
  • Provide an overview of:
    • Appointment, Promotion & Tenure for Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty; and
    • Appointment, Evaluation & Promotion for Teaching Track Faculty.
  • Community building events
  • Describe ways to create an inclusive environment for all faculty members, staff and students in line with the strategic goals of the university.

For more information, view the Faculty Orientation Series calendar (to view this document, you will need to click the link and then at the prompt login with your WVU credentials).

Academic Year 2022-2023 Faculty Cohort