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Educate/ engage initiative identifies and offers strategies to promote integration and belonging of the College community stakeholders as well as encourages and cultivates personal and professional growth of our community members.

Selected Events and Programs:

In this category, we are running monthly events for students, faculty and staff in the Statler College. Some examples include:

As an example:

Kasi Jackson J. Kasi Jackson is an expert in inclusive pedagogies, feminist science studies and the design of faculty development programs including mentorship and facilitation to achieve inclusive decision making at the department level. Since its inception, Jackson has been an integral member of the WVU ADVANCE team, having served as an associate director of the Center and co-investigator on the original National Science Foundation grant in 2010. She also has served as one of the Center’s primary facilitators since 2010 and as a master facilitator, training others in the ADVANCE processes and techniques. Jackson designed and implemented one of the Center’s most impactful signature programs, the external sponsorship program, which provided funding for faculty to collaborate with external mentors on high-profile projects. She is also a professor in the WVU Center for Women's and Gender Studies, for which she administers the Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate.