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All Voices as ONE: Together We Can Innovate and Shape the Future- Student-led conference

Inaugural student-led conference focused on diversity at the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources:

Students sitting around a table having a discussion

About this event:

The mission of West Virginia University states... "As a land-grant institution, the faculty, staff and students at West Virginia University commit to creating a diverse and inclusive culture that advances education, healthcare and prosperity for all by providing access and opportunity; by advancing high-impact research; and by leading transformation in West Virginia and the world through local, state and global engagement."

The faculty, staff and students of the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources work diligently to exemplify the importance of diversity and inclusion through this mission. We value and learn from the exchange of personal experiences, values, beliefs and views that arise from differences of culture, ethnicity, language, gender, age, race, religion, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, geographic region, and more.

In this first annual student-led conference, we showcased the diversity of our institution and academic portfolios in a day of celebration of WHO WE ARE! The event was open to students, faculty, staff and alumni!

DEI Committee Student Leaders


  • Keynote address: Engineering success stories!
    • Bevin VanGilder, Chevron, upstream carbon reduction director
    • Olayemi Akinkugbe, Chief Excellence Officer of CNX Resources Corporation
  • Alumni Mentoring Panels: Blazing paths for generations to come. Topics:
    • overcoming barriers and thriving in a complex and diverse environment
    • guidance on work-family-life balance
    • perspectives on different career paths.
  • Diversity of thoughts and activities in the College: showcasing Students, Students Organizations and Departments (poster presentations; poster competition!).
  • Social: a culturally diverse hors d'oeuvre.

Learn about our impact: