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Events and Celebrations

Women Mentoring Women

This mentorship programs engages successful alumni and professionals to create opportunities for women students, faculty, and staff in the Statler College to maximize their contribution through realizing their full potential. Through one-on-one or group mentoring, we are dedicated to maximize potential and integration. Visit the Women Mentoring Women event section of this website.

Let's Do TEA!

Educate and engage initiative identifies and offers strategies to promote integration and belonging and to encourage and cultivate personal and professional growth of our stakeholders. The latest events can be found on the Engage section of this website.

Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual celebration achievements and recognitions that shaped U.S. history. During the month of February visit  Black History Month section of this website for events and recognitions individuals from WVU and abroad.

Diversity Week

WVU’s annual Diversity Week promotes the celebration, education, and understanding of different identities and experiences present on our campuses. The events during the week aim to create an atmosphere to explore different cultures, engage in discussions that bring new perspectives, and celebrate the presence of, and contributions made by, people of all identities and experiences. Events will be happening in the Statler College and campus-wide. Visit the Statler College Diversity Week Schedule.

Outreach Events

American Indian Heritage Month

The Statler College recognizes and celebrates the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and history of Native peoples. Let's celebrate American Indian Heritage Month!